Better global coverage than cell phones

Satellite phones connect with orbiting satellites and are different from cell phones which connect to cell towers on earth. This is why they offer better global coverage than cell phones which operate well only if you are near a mobile cell tower and proves ineffective when you are in rural areas without connectivity to cell towers.

Satellite phones are a great choice for those businesses which need effective communication even in remote locations and for those who may venture into remote locations as part of their work or as a hobby like emergency services, tour operators and hikers.

The phone can save lives

However these phones are rather big and bulky and do not work well inside buildings as they require a clear line to the sky to communicate. So in other words, these phones are not that useful for regular, everyday users but are a necessity for regular travellers and those venturing into remote places and situations. At times, it is these phones that can save lives when someone is stuck in a remote location and requires emergency services.

Not all hikers need satellite phones. If you don’t go hiking beyond city limits or if you prefer sticking to familiar grounds, it is of no use to you. If you love adventure and like exploring and discovering new places in remote areas, you definitely need Iridium 9555.

Hikers remain connected with loved ones

Regular hiker’s communication needs are met by a cellphone. However there is a chance of your losing signals if you are a few feet away from the cellphone’s network. With a satellite phone, you are safe as you can call for assistance whenever you need it.

It keeps you connected with your loved ones, no matter how far your hiking takes you, just ensure you have a clear line of sight of the sky from the ground so that you can make and receive calls to and from anywhere in the world.


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